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NHL 09 PC Key Generator

As efforts are accelerated to improve the overall capability and performance of wind electric systems, increased attention to variable speed configurations has developed. A number of potentially viable configurations have emerged. Various attributes of variable speed systems need to be carefully tested to evaluate their performance from the utility points of view. With this purpose, the NASA experimental variable speed constant frequency (VSCF) system has been tested. In order to determine the usefulness of these systems in utility applications, tests are required to resolve issues fundamental to electric utility systems. Legitimate questions exist regarding how variable speed generators will influence the performance of electric utility systems; therefore, tests from a utility perspective, have been performed on the VSCF system and an induction generator at an operating power level of 30 kW on a system rated at 200 kVA and 0.8 power factor.

NHL 09 PC Key Generator

Yttrium-90 ((90)Y, T(1/2) 64.14 h) is a key example of a high beta energy-emitting radionuclide which is available from the strontium-90 ((90)Sr)/(90)Y radionuclide generator system. Clinical uses of (90)Y-labeled radiopharmaceutical agents have been pursued for many years and many applications have proven to be clinical effective. These most notably include the application of 90Y-labeled antibodies for a variety of applications such as for effective treatment of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. One of the major advantages for use of (90)Y is ready availability from the very long-lived (90)Sr parent (T(1/2) 28.78 y). Because of the importance of maintaining generator performance and minimizing parent breakthrough, this paper describes development, use and quality control of both high capacity cation adsorption-type and electrochemical generator systems. In addition, the preparation and targeting to tumors in mice of DOTA-conjugated Nimotuzamab (h-R3) antibody which recognizes the external domain of the EPFR antibody radiolabeled with (90)Y obtained from the electrochemical generator is also described. As a key example for clinical applications of (90)Y, the use of (90)Y-labeled biotin for intra-operative pre-targeting for radionuclide therapy (IART) of breast cancer is also described.

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