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Professional Ethics And Human Values By Raghavan Pdf 14

The classic image that comes to mind when you hear someone say they studied philosophy is that they live in an imaginary world alone with their thoughts, having no bearing or relationship with reality. Arm-chair thinkers living in an ivory tower, so to speak. While this is most certainly true in some areas (ontology, I'm looking at you), it is not the case in the vast majority of philosophical areas of study. Philosophy is one of the most important endeavors in human history and informs nearly every aspect of our lives even if we don't see it. When we determine what sources of information are more credible or not, we employ the field of philosophy known as epistemology (study of knowledge and its valid means), when we determine what is right or wrong, we employ the field of philosophy known as ethics, much of our political rights stem from ideas that developed in philosophical thought on free will, metaphysics, ontology and other areas.

professional ethics and human values by raghavan pdf 14

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