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Banjo Hindi Song Free Download

In the early 2000s, Marshall was in a bluegrass sleaze rap band[22] called Captain Kick and the Cowboy Ramblers, who had songs such as "Jesse the Gay" and "Country London".[23][24] Marshall was credited as "Country Winston Driftwood" and played the banjo, guitar, dobro, mandolin, and harmonica.[25] With Captain Kick and the Cowboy Ramblers,[22] Marshall ran a jam night "for teenagers who wanted to drink and play music"[2] at Bosun's Locker, a tiny music club beneath a pasty shop on the King's Road in Fulham.[26] The jam nights attracted a number of musicians who had an affinity for earthy acoustic music,[27] including Noah and the Whale and Laura Marling.[22]

The group Mumford & Sons came together in December 2007 after its four members had already been performing together in various configurations.[28] Co-founder Mumford started songwriting after seeing Marshall's band Captain Kick, and other similar artists, perform while Mumford was at university in Edinburgh;[29] Mumford was struggling at the time and found Marshall's music "a glimpse of salvation", especially as Marshall encouraged him to join them on-stage.[18] The first Mumford & Sons performances took place in 2005[2] at Marshall's Bosun's Locker jam nights[22] as informal performances of the musicians "like a hoedown".[29] Mumford began performing here, and was joined by Marshall as well as other musician friends with whom he had previously performed, including Ben Lovett and Ted Dwane.[28] As well as together, Dwane, Marshall, and Mumford all performed with Marling's band during the jam sessions.[30] Mumford said that "eventually, Ted [Dwane], Ben [Lovett], and Winston [Marshall] stuck. It wasn't until [they] started writing songs together that [they] realized this was an actual band and not just a singer/songwriter with a couple of mates."[29] Marshall played the banjo, guitars, dobro, and provided backing vocals, for the group,[30][31] and was often identified as the comic relief of the line-up.[18][32][33][21]

The band performed at Glastonbury Festival in 2008 and released their debut EP later the same year.[34] Marshall and Mumford took jobs in the antique shop run by Marshall's mother in order to save money to produce and record music with Mumford & Sons.[35] They toured with Marling and Johnny Flynn from 2008 to 2009; Marshall was nervous to perform in the United States, knowing that banjo is more common there than in the United Kingdom and their audience would know if he was good or not. In 2009, they cut their tour songs as their first album.[36] The album, Sigh No More, on which Marshall is credited as "Country Winston",[37] was released that year along with the single "Little Lion Man";[38] written by Mumford,[39] the song was nominated at the 2011 Grammy Awards as Best Rock Song. The band was nominated for the Grammy for Best New Artist,[40] and performed at the ceremony with Bob Dylan and the Avett Brothers.[41] Sigh No More won the Brit Award for British Album of the Year in 2011.[42]

In 2010, Mumford & Sons were the band and back-up for Marling's album I Speak Because I Can[50] and released a joint EP with Marling and Indian group Dharohar Project. Self-titled with all three acts' names, it saw generally warm reviews that praised Marshall's dueling-banjo additions to songs.[51][52] The group continued to tour extensively, and released their second album, Babel, which had a more rock sound,[53] in 2012 to mixed reviews.[54] Marshall provided lead vocals for the song "For Those Below".[55] In the same year, Mumford & Sons contributed songs to two films: "The Enemy" for Wuthering Heights[56] and "Learn Me Right" with Birdy for the soundtrack of the Pixar film Brave.[57]

The band went on hiatus in 2013,[63] but contributed to a compilation album by Idris Elba released in 2014, re-recording their song "Home" with Thandiswa Mazwai.[64] They returned in 2015 with the album Wilder Mind, on which Marshall was credited as "WN5TN".[65] There is no banjo on Wilder Mind, an electronic rock album that was influenced by the National; Aaron Dessner was a producer. Though his bandmates disagreed, Marshall said that they changed the sound because they did not enjoy touring so much with a limited repertoire.[66] However, he also said that he had warmed to the banjo again after time away from having to play it,[67] and used it on the band's 2015 tour.[68] The album received mediocre reviews,[69] with critics in disagreement on whether losing the banjos improved the band or not;[70][71] The Guardian wrote that it "was far less polarising" than their first two albums, due to being "numbingly boring" and lacking the band's USP.[72] The next year they released an EP, Johannesburg, with African artists Baaba Maal, Beatenberg and the Very Best; they had been approached to do the project after Marshall worked with Maal on other music. The EP does not use the banjo.[64] Marshall sang lead vocals on the song "Fool You've Landed",[73] which he co-wrote with then-girlfriend Dianna Agron and Beatenberg's Matthew Field.[74][64]

Mumford & Sons then worked on their fourth album, Delta, which was released in 2018. The album uses banjo again, but in non-folk ways.[75][76] Marshall said that Delta: "does sound to me like the culmination of 10 years' work. I'm proud of it for that". The music draws more on their adult life experiences than their previous work, with the Evening Standard noting that during its creation Marshall got married but also experienced depression.[75] Marshall said that since the album was not their first and wouldn't be their last, they felt freedom to branch out in sound.[77] He started writing some of the songs on Delta in Nashville,[78] where Agron was filming a movie and they became engaged.[79][80] Lovett said Marshall "was throwing these pretty left-field sounds out of these writing sessions in Nashville"; Marshall was encouraged by sound engineer Garrett Miller to try more synthesized music, resulting in "Picture You", and composed the first verse and the falsetto hook of "Woman" there.[78] He also wrote "Wild Heart",[81] which was recorded so quickly he did not actually perform on the track on the album.[78] Spin noted the three songs were the more powerful of the album's stripped-back songs.[82]

Marshall took the early components of "Woman" to his bandmates in Brooklyn, and Lovett said of the moment: "[it] just felt like something that was very, very different, but also felt really good. Maybe that was a moment that we felt unshackled by anything that we had done previously."[78] Marshall said that despite the song title, "Woman" is about the love shared by the couple.[83] It is an R&B indie song, with Mumford saying they were influenced by Jai Paul;[84] Marshall used a five-string cello banjo on it, disguising the banjo sound,[85] with three banjo tracks layered.[77] Rolling Stone felt that "Picture You" and "Woman" sounded like Khalid songs;[86] The Observer compared them to Coldplay songs.[87] The album received sub-par reviews.[86][88][89]

In 2010, Marshall was involved with a supergroup called Mt. Desolation, recording music and performing shows with Ronnie Vannucci Jr. of The Killers, Tom Hobden of Noah and the Whale, and Jesse Quin and Tim Rice-Oxley of Keane. They released a free download single, "State of Affairs", as well as the self-titled album Mt. Desolation.[95][96] In 2012, Marshall played the banjo for the Dropkick Murphys song "Rose Tattoo"; the band joked that they "kidnapped" him after playing the same festival, adding that his banjo part is "subtle, but with that rolling finger-picking style, you know it's him when you hear it".[97] Marshall then joined a different, temporary, supergroup called Salvador Dalí Parton in October 2013, with fellow musicians Gill Landry of Old Crow Medicine Show; Mike Harris of Apache Relay; Jake Orrall of JEFF the Brotherhood; and Justin Hayward-Young of the Vaccines. The band, intended as a joke from the start, wrote six songs in 20 minutes on their first day together, held a rehearsal the next day, and performed six shows around Nashville, Tennessee, that night before breaking up.[98]

Marshall collaborated individually with Baaba Maal between 2013 and 2015,[107] at the 2013 and 2014 editions of the Blues du Fleuve festival[108][109] and playing banjo on Maal's 2015 album The Traveller.[64] He experimented with more music in 2019 when he remixed the Maggie Rogers song "Light On"[110][111] and Kevin Garrett song "Don't Rush".[112]

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