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Chhodon Naa Yaar 2 Hindi 720p Torrent: Everything You Need to Know About the Horror Film

Chhodon Naa Yaar 2 in Hindi 720p Torrent: A Review of the Upcoming Horror Sequel

If you are a fan of Bollywood horror movies, you might be interested in the upcoming sequel to the 2007 film Chhodon Naa Yaar. The movie, titled Chhodon Naa Yaar 2, is expected to release in late 2023 and promises to deliver more thrills and chills than the original. In this article, we will review the plot, cast, and crew of Chhodon Naa Yaar 2, as well as show you how to download and watch it in Hindi 720p torrent safely and legally.

Chhodon Naa Yaar 2 in hindi 720p torrent


What is Chhodon Naa Yaar 2 about?

Chhodon Naa Yaar 2 is a horror film directed by Dillip Sood and starring Jimmy Sheirgill, Kim Sharma, Farid Amiri, and Kabir Sadanand. The film is a sequel to the 2007 film Chhodon Naa Yaar, which was an adaptation of the 1999 American horror film The Blair Witch Project.

The plot of Chhodon Naa Yaar 2

The plot of Chhodon Naa Yaar 2 follows Ravi (Jimmy Sheirgill), who survived the events of the first film and is now a successful filmmaker. He decides to make a documentary about the mysterious village where his friends Shiv (Kabir Sadanand) and Sunny (Farid Amiri) disappeared ten years ago. He convinces his girlfriend Rashmi (Kim Sharma) and his new friend Raj (Ahmed Khan) to join him on his quest. However, they soon realize that they have entered a nightmare where an evil spirit haunts them and tries to kill them. Will they be able to escape or will they meet the same fate as Ravi's friends?

The cast and crew of Chhodon Naa Yaar 2

The cast of Chhodon Naa Yaar 2 includes some of the original actors from the first film, as well as some new faces. Here are some of the main actors and their roles:



Jimmy Sheirgill

Ravi Prasad

Kim Sharma


Farid Amiri

Sunny (flashback)

Kabir Sadanand

Shiv Kapoor (flashback)

Ahmed Khan


Vinod Nagpal

Pujari (priest)

Sri Vallabh Vyas

Chaudhari (village head)

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