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ROLEC is a world class manufacturer of innovative enclosures systems for protecting industrial electronics and control equipment. Our unique ergonomic designs are manufactured in diecast aluminum, ABS, polyester, flame retardant and UV-stable Luran and stainless steel. ROLEC enclosures provide protection classes from IP65 to IP67 and offer many useful features as standard. Furthermore, our extensive range also includes modern suspension arm systems, command enclosures and mobile handheld control enclosures. The range is also complemented by a large range of accessories, such as cable glands, mounting plates, supporting rails, terminal blocks and much more.


Oil and GasWe assist in the safety of facilities like oil refineries and gas processing plants with our fiberglass enclosures. Waste Water TreatmentOur enclosures can keep its content safe in all types of corrosive environments. Mass TransitWe will build to your custom specifications, and will work with you to build a product that fits your needs. Refer Us to a Friend Areas We Service

As one of the leading Sunroom and pool enclosure builders in Georgia, DC Enclosures has mastered the art of creating breathtaking patios and unique practical pool enclosures. We are the best in what we do because that is what we have been doing since 1988. With years of experience under our belt, we know the aesthetic aspects as well as the technicalities of building sunrooms, patio, and pool enclosures. That is the reason we are always able to deliver results that are a perfect fit for your expectations, your needs, and your budget.

DC Enclosures specializes in all kinds of glass structures, from skylights to sunrooms to pool enclosures, and more. If you have a storm damaged sunroom, a solarium you need re-glazed or resealed, or you just want to upgrade an old and ugly polycarbonate roof on your pool enclosure, call us for an estimate at 770-691-2199.

Nema Enclosures manufactures high quality environmentally rated electrical enclosures manufactured from powder coated carbon steel, 5052 Aluminum and 304 or 316L Stainless Steel. We offer over 1300 already designed standard enclosure configurations with a free online customization tool. This tool allows us to go from online drawing configuration to manufacturing as soon as your file is complete.

We are a custom enclosure manufacturer who specializes in low volume high mix make to order enclosures. Whether your need is for 1 or 100 we are ready to help you thru the design and manufacture of your electrical enclosure to your exact requirements. Along with the ability to make to order we also provide third party certification for enclosures to be used in any part of the world. We offer UL and C-UL listed products for North America, ATEX for the European Union and IECEx for the rest of the world. Our certifications are written so that there are no limitations on size, materials or options. Additionally most of our customization requirements such as gland plates, view window and door on door enclosures maintain all of these certifications.

UL 508a rating UL NEMA 3SX and 4X enclosures.StrongBox is ISO 9001:2015 Certified.Copyright 2022, StrongBox. StrongBox is a subsidiary of MUM Industries. Trademark Information Privacy Policy Terms & Conditions

Milbank's line of commercial enclosures include the full gamut of styles and sizes; everything from junction boxes to transformer cabinets, telephone cabinets to wireway and push button enclosures to wiring trough.

Since 1990, APG Vision has been the premier provider of industrial enclosures to ensure protection of cameras, lights, and sensitive technical machinery in highly corrosive, explosion-proof, washdown, and food processing FDA-compliant environments. We light the way to provide camera enclosures for cameras and equipment from:

Whether you need modifications for standard enclosures or novel designs to fit entirely new enclosures, our engineering staff is available to answer your technical questions and get the ball rolling. We can use our standard enclosures and accessories and then modify viewports, camera arms, and mounting plates to create any style of enclosure under the sun. They still retain qualities necessary for the protection of your cameras, lighting, and high tech hardware, such as plating and anodization.

Eaton offers top-quality enclosures to meet a wide variety of customer requirements and delivery needs. Our full line of residential, commercial, industrial and classified enclosure solutions are ideal for oil and gas, mining, water and waste water, OEM panel shop applications and more.

We use a dataset of the entire population of English Parliamentary enclosure acts between 1750 and 1830 to provide the first evidence of their impact. Parliamentary enclosure led to the systematic rationalization of traditional property rights. Exploiting a feature of the Parliamentary process that produced such legislation as a source of exogenous variation, we show that such enclosures were associated with significantly higher crop yields, but also higher land inequality. Our results are in line with a literature going back to Arthur Young and Karl Marx on the effects of Parliamentary enclosure on productivity and inequality. They do not support the argument that informal systems of governance, even in small, cohesive, and stable communities, were able to efficiently allocate commonly used and governed resources.

Communications: Integra Enclosures provides reliable electronic protection for our advancing wireless networks. Our NEMA rated enclosures are tough enough for harsh outdoor conditions while allowing communication waves to freely pass in and out.

Alternative Energy: Electrical component housings on alternative energy structures put up with a lot of environmental abuse. Head-on UV rays, varying temperatures, and precipitation are no match for our NEMA 4X and 6P rated electrical enclosures.

Oil and Gas: Enclosures at drilling sites need to be weatherproof and corrosion resistant. Our Polycarbonate and Stainless Steel enclosures will endure years of exposure to such corrosives.

Zoo visitors perceive naturalistic enclosures (i.e. those attempting to replicate identifiable parts of the landscape of the species' habitat) as those that best satisfy the biological needs of the animals, and ensure therefore their welfare. However, the provision of a suitable environment with the resources that will allow the animals to satisfy their main biological needs in naturalistic enclosures has never been systematically explored; instead, it has been assumed. In this study we provide evidence that supports the general idea that naturalistic designs provide suitable environments for the animals. For that purpose, we analyzed 1,381 naturalistic and non-naturalistic enclosures in 63 Spanish zoological parks. In order to assess the suitability of the environment provided within each enclosure, a number of aspects related to the animals' main biological requirements were analyzed. We found a relationship between naturalistic designs and the suitability of the environment for the species housed. Most naturalistic enclosures (77.8%) provided suitable environments for their inhabitants. Non-naturalistic ones also had suitable environments, but in a lower percentage (39.7%). These results should be taken into account during zoo inspection and accreditation appointments, where enclosure suitability must be assessed in an accurate and fast manner. In this regard, a naturalistic design can be used as an adjunct indicator of enclosure suitability, but not exclusively, as not every naturalistic enclosure was suitable for the animals, neither as an indispensable one, given that near 40% of non-naturalistic ones were appropriate for the species housed.

19" sub racks, desktop and tower enclosures, front panels and matching accessories offer the ideal solution for packaging your technology.The 19" sub racks are strictly based on the IEEE and IEC standards and are designed according to the areas of application. These can be supplemented directly by the manufacturer with all accessories such as card slots, front panels and ejector handles with card holders. Rugged design enclosure platforms offer a wide range of opportunities for customer- specific design. Application specific topics such as EMC protection or heat dissipation are also taken into account.Our experts will support you in development (engineering), production and/or tests. We ensure that your devices work optimally in the planned environment.

Box Enclosures, Inc. is a full service designer, manufacturer and supplier of injection molded plastic enclosures, handheld electronic enclosures, instrument cases and anodized extruded aluminum enclosures. We produce a complete line of off-the-shelf injection molded enclosures, semi-custom and custom hand-held enclosures and cases.

For over 20 years customers have relied on SLAYSON to deliver the industries most comprehensive range of NEMA6P and IP68 electrical enclosures.Whether it is commercial construction, industrial automation, utility infrustructure or mission critical defense systems our local sales engineers are here to help you find the right enclosure to ensure your vital electronic hardware and control equipment is protected.

We offer you high-quality standard and customer-specific enclosing solutions. Our broad product range covers thermoplastic, polyester, and aluminium enclosures, alongside related accessories suitable for extremely challenging environments.Our customer-specific service offering includes the customizing of standard enclosures, along with specially designed enclosures. We also offer integration services including the sourcing of third-party components.

The real story at Buckeye Shapeform is our ability to modify or customize our standard product line exactly to our customers specifications. In fact, many end users are surprised to learn that more then 70% of our enclosures designs are modified to meet custom requirements. We make it easy for everyone to source enclosures, fabricated sheet metal & extrusions that meet your needs. There are many sources for enclosures, we sell solutions. Let our experienced staff remove the stress of design by partnering with Buckeye Shapeform today. 041b061a72

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