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Last Looks ((EXCLUSIVE))

The burning question is whether or not the twisting modern-day noir is worth the wait, and the answer will largely depend on your tolerance for wisecracking mystery thrillers that weave a labyrinthine web of double-crosses and revelations, and whether or not you can handle the controversial Mel Gibson having an absolute blast in a scenery-chewing supporting role.

Last Looks

Our industry has many different types of projects, with many different types of budgets, whether that be time, money or time and money. These techniques will help you to be able to achieve those looks your employer is after, whether it be for cast, background, stunts or all three.

With over 25yrs experience as a Makeup Artist in the television and film industry, Kerrin has worked on films such as Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, The Hobbit trilogy, and TV series including The Walking Dead, Farscape and Our Flag Means Death. Kerrin has also created beauty looks in eras ranging from the 1700s right up to the present day.

The crime at hand involves a fictional junk TV Hollywood actor named Alastair Finch (Mel Gibson, chewing the scenery coming across as a British Colonel Sanders more than anything, by far the weakest link here putting in the one performance that stretches the quirk aspect a bit too far) accused of murdering his wife. Hotshot network executive Wilson Sikorsky (Rupert Friend) is panicking that his biggest draw is about to be locked up, triggering desperation to contact anyone and everyone to bring Waldo out of retirement for the case. Naturally, Waldo initially refuses until things get personal, and a zest for life is mildly reawakened in the form of a thrill-seeking seductive kindergarten teacher played by Lucy Fry.

During a Google forum late last year, the biggest concern voiced by publishers and exchanges centered on this last-look advantage. Bellack said feedback from those constituents influenced the decision to level the playing field.

Google announced that it would allow exchanges to compete via a server-side integration last April, with its EBDA release. Index Exchange, AppNexus, and Sonobi operate server-side solutions.

With Google removing its last-look advantage, other players with server-side solutions may feel pressured to do so too. Could ad tech enter an era where transparency, not hidden fees and rules, win the day? 041b061a72

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