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Where To Buy Philadelphia Postcards !!TOP!!

Real photo postcards are different from typical printed postcards. They were original photographs printed on postcard paper and generated by the Model 3A Folding Pocket Kodak camera introduced to the market in 1903. These cameras accommodated large format negative film (sized 3 by 5 inches) that could be contact-printed directly onto postcard paper. The large size of the negatives produced high resolution images that stand up to 21st century digital magnification tools, demonstrated in the exhibition by a digital slide show of magnifications of roughly 150 postcards.

where to buy philadelphia postcards

The postcards in the exhibition, taken by professional photographers like Swint Studio and Mercantile Studio as well as amateur photographers, were mostly produced between 1904 and 1918. By 1920, the process for printing regular postcards vastly improved, causing a decreased in demand for the sharpness offered by real photo postcards.

Many of the addresses featured in the exhibition are in working class neighborhoods; prospering neighborhoods centered around factories and large-scale manufacturing with row houses often less than a decade old. Industrial neighborhoods like Kensington seldom received the documentation afforded to Center City buildings. These postcards help form a more complete visual history of early 20th century Philadelphia.

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Opened in 1883 and spanning the East River, the Brooklyn Bridge immediately became an iconic sight in New York city. This postcard view of the Bridge (below), from the early 20th century emphasized its majesty and beauty. The standard tour of the city included a stop at the Brooklyn Bridge, and visitors often acquired souvenir postcards after seeing this marvel of American engineering.

If a picture tells a thousand words, then the millions of postcards sent over the past century suggest that postcards are a significant source for understanding how Americans spent their leisure time. This online exhibit, based on an earlier physical exhibit, features early postcards of national parks and other natural wonders, scenic resorts, amusement parks, historic sites, world's fairs and American cities.

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When we started our home-based business at our kitchen table in 2017, we had one ambitious mission: to fill the world with postcards that dazzle, sell at affordable prices, and ship at realistic rates.

The Museum is grateful to the senders of the estimated 1,000 postcards received as part of this 2019 project. We will be continuing to digitize and add postcards from the collection here. Come back soon!

Billy Penn messaged the Anti Flower Show Movement via the form on their website, which, seemingly because of a glitch, forces you to put your email in the space reserved for the email and the space where the message belongs.

Greetings Tour is a cross country mural project inspired by vintage large letter postcards. We create community based public art with a goal to paint in all 50 states. Victor Ving is a former graffiti artist from NY and Lisa Beggs is a photographer originally from Ohio. 041b061a72

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