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Skanda Purana Tamil Pdf 93: The Patron Deity of the Tamil People and Language

The place itself, it is said, was named after the Devi Deivayanai, the Mother of Skanda; and it is located in the entire region of the Gangetic plain, which extends to the Indo-Malayan Arch. The Hindus regard Deivayanai to be the personification of the Goddess Earth. According to their legends, the Devi was the daughter of Naga-devata, the Chief of Snake-deities; and she was brought up in a forest, where she performed many wonderful deeds. The place where she dwelt with her consort, Skanda, was called Nandimithai (Anglo. -- the abode of a Guru). The place is believed to be located somewhere in the north-western part of India, near Madras, and it has been designated to be Skanda's domain.

Skanda Purana Tamil Pdf 93

According to the Puranas, Laksmi was Brahma's wife and the daughter of the rishi Vishnu, the great progenitor of the entire Universe. She was, at times, worshipped as an independent goddess. It is told that Brahma's wife was the demoness Rakshasas, who had transformed herself into an Asura (a demon). The demoness had become an Asura after the Brahma had won a fierce battle with her, which resulted in the slaying of her brothers. So, the Asura changed herself into an Asura and became a demoness in order to prevent the Brahma from passing over to the Supreme. The Brahma, on the other hand, could not tolerate his wife being a demoness, and He appealed to His father, the rishi Vishnu, and Vishnu promised to forgive his wife for her past misdeed, and consequently, Brahma beheld his wife Laksmi thus. Thus, Brahma, the most divine and the greatest of all the deities, with the help of his wife, had succeeded in transforming an Asura into a deity called Lakshmi.

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